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Commercial real estate developers

Real estate investors

Outlets centres

Restaurants and food service companies

Large retailers and brands

Commercial real estate marketers and other service providers

Meeting today’s major challenges

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DVA’s functional expertise

  • Program directors and managers, real estate development managers.
  • Development and expansion directors and managers for large retailers.
  • Specialized investors and asset managers.
  • Technical and project management directors, technical and maintenance managers/health and safety professionals for retail buildings and Establishments Open to the Public.
  • Sales directors for real estate investment companies, lessors, French and global investors, landlords, services providers for own account or third parties.
  • International development managers, international marketing and leasing directors.
  • Directors of retail development affiliates, retail directors for large international developers.
  • Operations managers for retailers (shopping centres, galleries…) in France and abroad.
  • Retail manager for outlet centres and retailers in France and abroad.
  • Marketing directors, group marketing directors for shopping centres and outlet centres.
  • Commercial leases legal practitioners, development and operation, corporate.
  • Technical studies directors and managers.
  • Real estate experts, specialized notaries and lawyers.
  • Web design project manager.
  • Director of architectural design for developers and real estate investment funds.