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Planning and Development

Social Housing

Meeting today’s major challenges

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We support you in developing new skills and navigating through the industry changes.

  • Managers and Directors for Projects, Development, Operations, and Urban Planning.
  • Director of urban planning.
  • Complex projects directors.
  • Large projects directors.
  • Assistant director of forecasting and scheduling.
  • Land officers.
  • Legal directors and assistants.
  • Economic development directors and assistants.
  • ESH general managers.
  • Project Management, new developments, restoration, and cultural heritage managers and directors.
  • Director of real estate development.
  • Director and managers of real estate development, relationship management with developers.
  • Operations managers, new and/or restoration construction operations officers.
  • Technical / local construction managers and directors.
  • Technical managers / cultural heritage maintenance.
  • Managers and directors of proximity management agents.
  • Director of urban and social policies – professional association.
  • Director of cultural heritage policies – professional association.
  • Legal directors and experts.