Consulting & Talent Development

Individual and team assessments

  • Assessment of senior managers and executives to prepare them for an internal promotion or external recruitment.
  • Assessment of the expansion/real estate teams of two leading retail companies.
  • Assessment of the management team of the real estate subsidiary of an insurance company in the context of the arrival of new executives and a change in ownership, to assess and propose the best possible fit between the present employees and the new roles of the organization.

Connecting professionals, search for partners and advisory services in project management, business development, identifying and creating group synergies.

  • Advisors specialized in setting up SGP / interactions with regulators (AMF) / preparing business plans to launch dedicated funds, SCPI… introduced to a leader of a real estate developer.
  • Technical consulting company primarily specialized in public and parapublic sectors and willing to develop their activities in the private sector… introduced to private developers.
  • Property managers introduced to private real estate investment companies.
  • Advisors specialized in investing and trading business premises introduced to an institutional investor willing to expand its portfolio to the retail sector.
  • Real estate developer with significant operations abroad introduced to another developer willing to penetrate similar markets.
  • Family office owning retail real estate assets abroad introduced to a private residential real estate investment company willing to invest in similar countries and asset class.

Search for equity partners, confidential buyers and sellers search, search for independent directors, advisory and support in connection with acquisitions and divestment strategy.

  • Disposition of a property investment company (SCI) from a developer to another operator.
  • Assistance in sale of a real estate development company.
  • Search and acquisition advisory assignments from different companies: property management, client’s representative.
  • Search for locations and/or companies to acquire in the development of a network of real estate consulting agencies belonging to a commercial bank.
  • Divestment of property investment companies of retail premises.
  • Search for executives to set up regional real estate development subsidiaries, acting as equity partners within a national real estate developer belonging to a major bank – Regions Rhône-Alpes, Provence, Brittany, North of France…
  • Search of an independent director for a private real estate investment company, a real estate group, a large developer.

Salary Survey and benchmark

  • General compensation studies in various real estate sectors.
  • Specific study at business executive level for a leading real estate developer including benchmark and positioning of each function evaluated relative to the benchmark.
  • Compensation study of board members (Chairman, CEO etc.) of national real estate developers.
  • Compensation study of the CEO of a large semi public development company and of his COO.
  • Study of the global compensation structure of a leading social housing group, benchmark of companies in the social housing sector and companies of private residential housing for transferable roles.

Audit and constitution of human organizations

  • Salary survey and benchmark for Executives Committees, leading real estate groups.
  • Consulting mission to structure a retail real estate fund including :
    • ​Needs analysis.
    • ​Peer companies benchmark.
    • ​Proposals for organizational choices.
    • ​Review of decision process, develop in-house job descriptions, benchmarks and organizational charts at full development, evolution of the chart since origin.
    • ​Positioning of expansion professionals in their new functions after assessment.
    • ​Planning of additional recruitment needs.
  • Consulting mission to optimize team and processes of a major asset manager :
    • ​Audit of meeting systems and processes.
    • ​Review of relationships between fund managers and asset managers.
    • ​Benchmarking analysis based on a selection of ten asset managers.
    • ​Proposals to optimize management training programme and HR organization.
    • ​Planning of additional recruitment needs over the next 5 years under different scenarios (business growth, leaders retirement).